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LCW Movie Stripes T Limited Edition

LCW Movie Stripes T Limited Edition


MYR 129.00 Ex Tax: MYR 129.00

李宗偉同名電影原創T恤之一,以日常+運動+馬來西亞虎紋元素為設計概念。胸前由李宗偉跳躍殺球的姿勢與活力橘色虎紋結合為T恤的前設計,則背後以星星結合羽毛球 。虎紋象征勇敢,渴望及野心,代表著永不放棄的精神,將李宗偉的精神與信念帶出。An all-new design incorporating stripe-inspired patterns illustrating the elements of Malaysian character, the Tiger, which is a potent symbol of bravery, strength and persistence...

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