CAMO J Black Edition T

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是否覺得這款杰倫公仔似曾相識?其實此公仔早在2012年的TWOTHIRD《逆戰J系列》首度亮相,隨後在2016年TEDMONSTER的《口袋倫系列》二度亮相,但過了五年,我們還是看不見倫倫的嘴,有收集過這系列的J迷們應該不難發現!噓~ 這是不能說的秘密~ 哈哈哈⋯



CAMO J, 我就是有個性!

* 註明 ; 純屬杰迷原創設計,嚴禁抄襲!

Remember 2016’s hottest POCKET J Series? We are bringing back the hot seller with brand new CAMO J Series! 

Caricature of Jay with shades and camo outfit! What a perfect match! 

Isn't it looking familiar? The character actually made its first appearance back in 2012 with the TWOTHIRD J Series. Its legacy continued with TEDMONSTER POCKET J Series in 2016. Have you realized it? It has been five years and the character is still missing its lips! (SHH ~ It’s a secret~)

Sleeve printed with "02" is crafted to commensurate Jay Chou’s INVINCIBLE 2 Tour and also to signify our heartiest ‘congrats’ to Jay and his wife for having 2 adorable kids!

The T-shirt isn't losing any details on its back as it features a simple illustration of an Earth, encircled by a chain of text that reads "Invincible 2."

I’m just having a personality with CAMO J!

Note: Hardcore J fans’ Creation. Please do not copy.