Fantasy J League

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Q版太空倫身穿太空服,手握麥寶,與四位逗趣的外星寶寶朋友站在一塊。仔細瞧,原來這四位外星... 誒?他們不就是紳士型的Gary、愛潛水的彈頭、創作型的小派以及熱舞社的小麥!五位萌寶合體果然是地表最強的太空聯盟呀!

TEDMONSTER首次將Mr J好友元素融入T恤,靈感來自演唱會中的點歌環節,歌迷都希望被點中與偶像合唱;這感覺猶如在茫茫星海中被選入太空聯盟,與Mr J團隊一起拯救宇宙去!

T恤背面帥氣的印上INV2,簡稱地表最強2 (INVINCIBLE 2)。簡易的字型內還藏有不少萌萌的外星人,而且每一位都長得不一樣,實在太卡哇伊了!這其實象徵著每一位傑倫的歌迷,雖然來自世界各地,不同國籍,不同背景,卻哼著同一種調調!

* 註明 ; 純屬杰迷原創設計,嚴禁抄襲!

No one shall miss out the Jay Chou "The Invincible 2" Concert Tour 2018, not even the Aliens! You may be the ‘lucky ones’ to be spotted at Jay’s concert to join his Fantasy J League!

A bold design concept introduced by TEDMOSTER – Caricature Jay in his smart-looking spacesuit (Oh! Not forgetting to bring along his signature microphone) joining force with the adorable FOUR - gentleman Gary, diving master Devon Song, singer-songwriter Patrick, and mighty dancer Mai to form the World’s #1 Fantasy J League to embark on an exploration to save the Universe! 

"INV2” on the back of the shirt is to commensurate the INVINCIBLE 2 Tour. Hiding within text are distinctive but yet inseparable cutie pies, simply to represent J fans who came from different corners of the World that made up the big J Family!

After all, as a J fan, we will continue to cheer for him till the day our superhero celebrates his 80th Birthday, and still singing! 

Note: Hardcore J fans’ Creation. Please do not copy.