Dragon J Rider Gold Edition Hoodie

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【龍戰騎士黑金限量版 - 连帽衫】



龍 - 華人無與倫比崇高的地位
而眾所周知,饒舌中國風始祖Mr J創作過多首與龍有關的代表作,如龍拳、龍戰騎士、龍捲風等。
“我右拳打開了天 化身為龍!” TEDMONSTER 把龍拳最關鍵的一句歌詞延續至這款连帽衫;连帽衫的背面運用黑金線條描繪出若隱若現的時尚高端龍首設計,並在右手袖子燙印上前衛的“天”字,反差呈現出低調的華麗。

J迷們對杰倫十年如一,更希望出道17年的杰倫,騰飛依然, 繼續為歌迷帶來更多更多的經典神作!

* 註明 ; 純屬杰迷原創設計,嚴禁抄襲!

There's a superhero in everyone's heart!
This year, TEDMONSTER releases a new line of superhero-themed fashion T dedicated to legendary star idol JAY CHOU. 

Inspired by Jay’s popular music creations centering around the idea of dragon, such as "Dragon Fist (龙拳)" & "Dragon Rider (龙战骑士)", and his favorite black-and-gold color theme, this fashion T design is conceptualized to reflect a unique blend of futuristic and oriental Chinese elements, while incorporating an ancient Chinese dragon to symbolize the characteristic of great power. 

The signature gold triangle imprint shaped using the initials “J.A.Y” is intended to resemble a superhero emblem which will be exclusive and originally, JAY’s. It is also an expression of a fan’s admiration towards his idol. 

The Chinese character “tian” (“sky” in English) on the right sleeve depicts J fans’ devoted and unlimited supports to Jay – “Our love has no age, no limit. May he spread his wings, reach out to the sky to fulfil unlimited ambitions!”

Note: Hardcore J fans’ Creation. Please do not copy.