Pocket J Exclusive Collection T - Black

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口袋倫系列的靈感來自《周杰倫-地表最強世界巡迴演唱會》。主要的視覺概念是將杰倫身邊事物與宇宙元素充分融合,並用周董酷愛的桃紅色配搭呈現。T恤表面的波卡圓點象徵浩翰無際的星空。口袋半掩式地藏了一個Q版口袋倫,左手抱著小周周,右手拿著麥克風,意味著婚後的杰倫依然把家庭與音樂平衡分配。所以 J迷們不用擔心,周爸爸不會因為有了家庭而把大家給忘記,雙截棍還是會唱到80歲!口袋倫戴著口罩,身穿著印有H的衣服,這代表著周人夫雖然沒有高調炫愛,內心卻深深地刻著愛妻的名字-昆凌 (Hannah)。



* 註明 ; 純屬杰迷原創設計,嚴禁抄襲!               

Pocket J is a product of inspiration from The Invincible Jay Chou World Tour. The main visual concept is the integration of universe elements and elements that are related to Jay Chou presented in his favourite pink colour. Polka dots on the T-shirt represent the boundless galaxy. Pocket J is ajar hidden in the pocket, holding baby J in his left arm and mic with his right hand, to reassure that Jay Chou will work out a balance between his family and music. Jay Chou fans need not to worry! Daddy Jay is not gonna forget about you even though he has a family now! Beside the mask, Pocket J is wearing a T-shirt with initial H printing. Even though Jay Chou is not high profile in regards of his love to his wife, but she is deeply engraved in his heart.

With the sleeves rolled you will be surprise to find those cute elements related to Jay Chou, such as Batman, baseball cap, music note et cetera. The back of the T-shirt is a combination of Initial J and his Chinese surname, looking simple yet creative.

Wear this Pocket J series T-shirt and bring Pocket J everywhere.