The Invincible Exclusive Collection T

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只要用心細看,你會驚訝地發現原來琴鍵內有乾坤,印在脊椎部位的琴鍵是由音符、周杰倫、昆凌和小周周(Hathaway) 的名字組成,象徵著周天王將家庭與音樂這重大責任背負在身上。周董與昆凌則在琴鍵上前後包抄地保護他們心愛的結晶。

還記得2011年周天王為某品牌設計了一款「無與倫比」特別版筆電,TEDMONSTER 決定將類似的雕花紋路概念重新設計並延續至這款T恤,所以並不難發現右手的袖子上有個同樣的巴洛克J字母。這代表著 J迷們對杰倫十年如一,將來出席杰倫八十歲的演唱會,我們仍然會為你尖叫。


* 註明 ; 純屬杰迷原創設計,嚴禁抄襲!

Mysterious J limited edition is a product of inspiration from The Invincible Jay Chou World Tour. The main visual concept is the integration of music and Baroque elements presented in Jay Chou's favourite black & gold colour. The front design in foil stamped of highly concise word "The Invincible" and the back design in foil stamped of a row of piano keys; the contrast presents a feeling of low-key gorgeous. Take a closer look and you will be surprise to find that the piano keys are formed by music notes, Jay Chou, Hannah & Hathaway, symbolising Jay Chou is bearing the responsibility to his family and his music. Beside, Jay and Hannah is protecting Hathaway on the piano keys. It is not difficult to find that Baroque J on the right sleeve, as it is the result of TEDMONSTER inspired by the Special Edition Laptop design by Jay Chou in year 2011. This represents that Jay Chou Fans are consistent and we will still attend to his concert in his Eighty year. With this complete design concept, we believe that this is more than just a T-shirt!

Let us all wear this T-shirt together and show J the same kind of tune at the Invincible World Tour.