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Life Enterprise Limited Edition T

設計靈感來自 《五月天 - 人生無限公司》,主要視覺概念是將可愛工作服與搖滾潮流充分結合,並用帥氣的夜間反光配搭呈現,讓您成為演唱會中發光發熱的一份子。



”Life Enterprise”, 主要是為了配合這次的演唱會主題,讓五迷深入其境,當一名《人生無限公司》的員工到演唱會打卡上班。

5 = 五月天
5 = 五迷
5 = 無限
5 = 一種人生態度

有了完整的設計概念,相信這 Life Enterprise Limited Edition T 不再是一件T恤這麼簡單了吧!10月28日,就讓我們一起穿上這款特製的工作服到《五月天 - 人生無限公司》打卡上班吧!

* 註明 ; 純屬五迷原創設計,嚴禁抄襲!
*Lanyard shown in product images EXCLUDED

Do You Ever Shine!
Inspired by Mayday LIFE Tour, Life Enterprise Limited Edition T emphasizes on the idea of blending fashionable rock elements into ordinary work attire. The T-shirt is further embellished with reflective material which will make you shine.  

In every darkness, there’s a light – Solid black T featuring sleek text at the front and a huge number “5” at the back, the apparel is printed with qualified reflective paint which boosts a glow-in-the-dark effect. 

Let’s have a closer look at the “5” on the back, the number compromises caricature of all 5 Mayday members, in addition with representative elements from the official concert poster. 

The “Life Enterprise” Series is created in accordance with the thematic title of Mayday LIFE tour, where fans at the concert are being portrayed as on-duty “workers” at the “Life Enterprise.”

5 = Mayday (wu yue tian)

5 = Mayday fans (wu mi)

5 = Limitless (wu xian)

5 = Attitude

Life Enterprise Limited Edition T isn’t just another designed T, but a masterpiece backed with an intriguing concept. Let’s put it on and “head to work” at Mayday LIFE Tour on 28th October!

 Note: Note: Hardcore Mayday fans’ Creation. Please do not copy.

*Lanyard shown in product images EXCLUDED