Viral Factor J33 Limited Edition T

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為了紀念周董在馬來西亞辛苦拍摄了三個多月的電影《逆戰》,Two Third 團隊決定設計出兩款對大馬 J迷非常有紀念價值的恤衫

除了精心設計的Q版逆戰造型,Two Third 還創意地加上了編號33號,以迎合周天王33歲生日( 2012 ),並獲機會將兩款編號0118號的恤衫送給了哎呦哥哥

1) 純屬歌迷作品
2) 各款200件限量生產,絕不加印
3) 高品質印刷與布料
4) 每件恤衫都配有屬於自己獨一無二的編號與證卡
5) 後援會會員將獲85折

In honour of The Viral Factor shooting in Malaysia, Two Third team has come out with two T-shirts for Jay Chou Fans.

In addition to the exquisite designed Q version of Jay Chou in the Viral Factor, the number 33 is added in the design to meet the meaning of Jay Chou's 33rd birthday in the year 2012. Besides, we are honoured to have this opportunity to present these two T-shirts to Jay Chou.

1) unofficial design, solely fans work
2) production limit to 200 per design, strictly no reproduction
3) high quality printing and cloth
4) each t-shirt comes with its unique code number and identification card
5) fan club members are entitled to 15% discount