LCW Movie Hoodie Limited Edition

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李宗偉一直以來都是大馬的一顆閃耀的運動巨星,具象征性的李宗偉跳躍姿勢作為外套前圖標設計。而背後以星星結合羽毛球,並以 ‘ROTL’ 巧妙的帶出這次的主題 ‘Rise Of The Legend’ ,賦予獨有的個性與態度。它讓你成為人群中最矚目的個性存在。

Designed featuring LEE CHONG WEI’s iconic jump smash, complemented with an exquisite printing of a sporty logo developed using a brilliant combination of shuttlecock and shinning stars to illustrate speed, strength and excellence. The abbreviation ROTL – “Rise of Legend” further adds personality and attitude. The overall design is to give a clean aesthetic feel but yet allowing you to stand out off the field as well as on it!