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We Got That Power Power... Turn The Music Up Now!

When rhythm of music pumps up energy, music beats embed your sense of security, and the melody expresses your emotion! This time, TEDMONSTER has decided to thoughtfully design a stylish T-shirt exclusive to all EXO fans out there. The overall concept is to blend futuristic fashion and electronic music altogether with the fashion hype of high-colour wearable. And the high color is printed with a mythical hexagon and an elegant 'X' mark identical to the fans, representing a unified identity that we all share together as part of the EXO-L!

Design on the back of the T-shirt applies a mystical symbol of electric current, coupled with an 'X' mark which brings on a sense of mystery that creatively sparkles up relentless passion! TEDMONSTER also thoughtfully printed an 'XO' mark on the cuffs, in which all fans could stylishly wefie 'XOXO' and share on social media. That is how you show your endlessly loyal support. Let EXO OPPAs know that you've been supporting them since their debut album 'XOXO' forever and ever!

*Note: Hardcore Fans' Creation;Inspired by The ElyXiOn

音樂給予人力量;節奏帶來安全感;旋律賦予了表達!這次 TEDMONSTER 決定為 EXO-L 特設一套專屬茶蛋粉絲團的潮服。整體概念將未來時尚感與電子節奏穿越融合,並選用舒適帥氣的高領設計呈現。可伸展的高領,搶眼地印上屬於粉絲的神秘六角形與高雅X,象徵著我們就是不折不扣的 EXO-L!

衣服背面的設計靈感,採用耀眼奪目的神秘電流圖案,旁邊點綴上一個X,帶著一種神秘,富有創造力的使命感!TEDMONSTER 也高調地在袖子上印上XO,好讓歌迷能在社交網站上曬 XOXO 的合照,讓 EXO OPPA 們知道,你們從第一專輯 【XOXO】就支持他們到現在!

*註明:純屬歌迷原創設計,嚴禁抄襲!創意靈感來自 The ElyXiOn

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