MONSTER X Exclusive Edition T

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You Can Call Me Monster!

ElyXiOn, inspired from 'elysium' which denotes a heavenly place of pure bliss poised for the select few. TEDMONSTER takes pride in introducing a series of exclusively designed fashionable T-shirt dedicated to all proud EXO-Ls!

Long live K-Pop fashion with oversized T-shirt! Have you gotten MONSTER X Exclusive Edition T ticked on your fashion checklist? MONSTER X is made of high-density, elastic, silky fabric for absolute comfort. The front of the T-shirt is printed with a catchy ElyXiOn to technically exude a sense of the trendsetting fashionable charm, whereas the back is given a mind-blowing twist, printed with a rough 'X' pattern as if crossed by a beast in a stream of mysterious power. The lower corner is designed with a mythical red mark of "We Are One" logo which is genuinely identical to EXO-L as a reminder of loyalty whenever and wherever you go!

*Note: Hardcore Fans' Creation; Inspired by The ElyXiOn

ElyXiOn 來自 「elysium」,有極樂世界之意,意味著被選中的人才能夠去的樂園。TEDMONSTER 決定為幸運被選上的EXO-L設計一套專屬潮服,以讓您炫耀登場。

韓風怎能少得了OVERSIZED! MONSTER X 就是一件韓粉清單上不能缺的潮 T。MONSTER X 選用高密度的彈性滑面全絨布料,以提高舒適度。T恤正面簡潔地印上 ElyXiOn 字眼,技巧地呈現出前衛,酷時尚魅力。而背面帥氣搶眼,猶如魔獸爪般的刮下一個 X字圖形,隱藏著一股神秘力量。衣服下角更玄妙地裁上一塊小紅布,上面手寫著 “We Are One”,一個純屬EXO-L的標誌設計,寓意著EXO-L不管在哪個空間,哪個星球,都不會忘了初衷!

*註明:純屬歌迷原創設計,嚴禁抄襲!創意靈感來自 The ElyXiOn

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